LGPD – General Data Protection Law

Law 13.709/2018, one of the basic characteristics of the General Data Protection Law is to allow the user to freely consult their collected and processed data and request the deletion of this data from the companies’ system.

This information can be RG number, CPF, credit card, even more personal data, such as religion, political affiliation, among others.

Find out what are the best practices of LGPD for your company

It is worth remembering that any company must meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Law. This means that small, medium or large businesses must be aware of the practices required by law.

Review your company’s security policies

With this, users will be aware of how data is stored, collected, used, monitored and protected in your company.

Enable consent to Cookies on your website

This is a fundamental practice when it comes to the LGPD. If we take into account that one of the precepts of this law is to grant wide freedoms to users, then users should be able to choose whether or not to accept so-called Cookies.

Cookies are files used to store user preferences when accessing a website. Through them, websites can customize ads according to the user’s browsing history. This makes it easier to segment digital marketing strategies.

Use Cloud Computing

Amidst the need for business digitization, the General Data Protection Law is yet another reason to use Cloud Computing solutions, as they facilitate the secure storage of data.

Understand the flow of data in your company

It is essential that everyone understands their rights and duties in relation to the use and processing of users’ personal data.

Training employees is an interesting alternative, or even sending e-mails explaining the changes caused by LGPD.

This demonstrates that your business is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Law.

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